For many people reporducing thier own artwork as greetings cards or prints is a great way of making a bit of cash, or even raising money for a charitable cause. They make great personalised birthday cards, and we can produce them upto A4 in size, ideal for retirement cards etc. where lots of people wish to write.

We are able to scan your original on our flat bed scanners.. The quality is very good, and will produce an image that is within 5% of the colour of your original. If you are hoping to produce an image that is an exact match of your original it will need to be done by a commercial scanning house, but be prepared to pay lots to have it done. If you would like us to scan your art, please bear in mind;

Our scanners are A3 in size. If your artwork is larger it will need to be scanned in more than 1 piece and edited together for which we make an additional charge; Please ensure your artwork is dry! Please protect your pastels with varnish!

We can supply envelopes from stock, and cellophane wallets to order.

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